SIOP Awards

SIOP has several prizes that are awarded in relation to the annual congress. The prizes are as follows:​​


​An annual prize for the best scientific article prepared by a trainee is awarded by SIOP at its annual congress in honour of Dr. O. Schweisguth, founding member and first President of SIOP.

Judgment of this prize will be based on a written article describing work done by the trainee and will consider originality, completeness, scientific accuracy and contribution to science. Contestants must have been in training when the work reflected in the article was performed, and must still be in the training period or not more than one year thereafter at the time of submission. Please click here​ for more information.​


​The Scientific Committee selects the six highest scoring abstracts in the fields of basic and translational science, clinical trials and developing paediatric oncology programmes to be presented in the SIOP Awards Session. The presentation judged to be the best in each category will receive an award of €1,000. ​​


The best poster in each med​ical/academic discipline (as stated on the abstract form) is eligible for a poster prize of up to €100.​​

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